Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life is Good

Sorry its been so long since I blogged, life has been wonderfully busy!
Shane is deployed again and reenlisted last night while flying over Afghanistan. We both thought that was pretty cool! He is of course already ready to come home and I am already ready for him to be home!
This summer, I have been busy doing a clinical "externship" through my College. It has been an amazing learning experience! I am so glad I got to do it.

School starts back up next month! I am actually really looking forward to it! I have really enjoyed the summer vacation but with Shane gone I am ready to get back into the swing of things!

With my summer vacation came a wonderful visit up to Virgina with see Jim, Chelsie and the babies (who aren't much of babies anymore!)

I'll post some photos when I have a chance. The computer is being slow!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Keeping Busy!

So While the hubby is away I've been trying to keep myself busy!!

My favorite pass time is talking to my man, isn't he lovely? =) He says it's kinda cold there, but he is doing well, and is excited to come home!!

Another favorite is baking! These are Oatmeal Cinnamon Cookies! They are so yummy!

Some days getting pretty boring, and I resort to starring contests with Bella.. she usually wins.

And then of course there is school! This takes up most of my time, which is nice! This picture has everything I need to give a Foley Catheter and and IV =) I must say I am getting pretty good at giving Foley catheters! Im practically a pro.. However, thats on a dummie with anatomical parts that seem to be a bit....larger than humans? Anyhow, I still say Im good at it! it seems so easy! :) I am looking forward to my first victum.. I MEAN. patient!! =D

Life is good! and I am Looking forward to the middle of March for SO many reasons!! =D

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Where to Start?

It has been so long since I've blogged, I don't even know where to begin!

Well, as you all know I finished my first semester of the Nursing Program! It was intense but so amazing! I can't imagine doing anything else! A lot of what I learned this semester (bed changes, bathing, etc) I already knew (which was nice!) from doing my CNA (certified Nursing asst) classes and working as one. But I did learn to give all types of shots, and all types of medication! That was so amazing! as horrible as it sounds, it was So fun sticking people with needles!!! =D

As For Shane, he has been preping for his deployment (he left monday the 28th) And started taking some college classes! He is off to Afghanistan this time and should be back RIGHT before Joanna and Jake's wedding! It is supposed to be an 80 day deployment, which would bring him back on the 18th!!! So we are hoping it is shorter than that or he may not be able to come!

Thanks Giving was AMAZING! Shane and I invited out friends Brooke and Em ( brooke is in school with me, she is amazing. Her and her husband have been together since they were 15 and they got married when she was 17, they are a lot like Shane and me, and we love them!!) over and between us two ladies we had a FEAST! Shane and I had out next door neighbors deep fry our turkey... yummmmmmmmmmm... it was incredible! Brooke and I traded off who made what! it was so yummy!

Right after Thanksgiving, Shane and I went to the Saints Vs. Patriots game! we won tickets at a pizza place down here by finding the cherries in a whip cream pie. we won by FAR! We both found all the cherries in each of our pies before one of the couples even found half! =) we weren't afraid to get our faces dirty =) it was so much fun and a time we won't forget, even if the people next to us brought binoculars in order to see!!! hehe

I was for the Patriots, Shane was for the St's.... Makes it more fun that way =)
...he won...

Christmas for us was relaxing! (Besides me being sick over my entire Christmas break!) We Opened our stockings before breakfast then our presents after =) We both recieved awesome gifts! I got a new camera (I broke mine around 2 months ago!! =( ) his big present was a Play Station 3! He actually got that in November, because it made no sense to buy it for him 3 days before he deployed! as for our christmas dinner we went over to some of his friends house who didn't have any family to spend Christmas with. It was a great Christmas! Im so glad Shane got to be here this year!!

So that about catches us up! Life is busy but amazing. Now Shane is deployed but I am SO greatful that he was able to be home for so many holidays!!! His birthday is Jan 20th, so if anyone wants to send him a card let me know! I have his address!!! =) He would love some!

I am about to start up my second semester of Nursing school! I've heard rumors that the second semester is the hardest of them all! This time we will be learning how to do catheters, IV's, sterile wound care, etc etc.. all the tough important things!!! I am So excited but nervous too!!

I will do my best to keep everyone updated better! Hope to see you all soon!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Joannas Videos


I was sitting at my computer last night, just looking at old pictures. I thought I'd share the memories =)

I dont think she knew he was there... haha, Pops =)



The Cookster!!!!



Oh matthew =)

Shane and Joj

Long time ago!

Their First Thanksgiving! (mollies first Turkey!!)

So young!


Joj Do you remember the plane ride to NC?? =)

Our 15th Birthday I think!

I love looking back =) I hope everyone did too!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Nursing Orientation!

Im gonna blog a bit about how my Orientation went! Its mainly to catch Shane up to date and give him a heads up as to what he'll be coming home to, and to anyone else interested!! =)

Today was the last day, it went really well! We learned a LOT more critical and useful information today than we did yesterday. A lady spoke about learning styles, I am (ive known this) a Visual-Haptic learner, I do well by seeing things and hands on, I have a short attention span, and when I sit for long period of times I move(shaking my legs or foot). They gave us lots of tips on to each style should study and test, it was very interesting!
Then, (my favorite part of the day) Nursing students who are half way done with the program came and talked to us. It was very encouraging, and also unerving! They said it's been extremely hard, but amazing.
After that, we got to talk to one of our soon-to-be intrusctors........that was scary...
she gave us stuff to study and said be ready for a quiz the first day! Its just changing Oz to mL and stuff, but still! They have eqivilants and conversions Ive never seen before! So I'll have to start looking at those!! And then she told us our schedule.........
her words were, "You can buy the books next week and begin reading...if you'd like, its up to you. the first day of class we will begin unit 1 it wil take us two days to go over unit one so be prepared for it, Unit one is Chapter 1-5, and 15, 16, then the second week we will do Unit two 6-14, and 32... then we will have our first exam on Sept 9"
EVERYONE went SILENT! The semester starts August 24th and we are having an exam over 22 chapters two weeks into the semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We were all like... If we don't read before the semester begins we are in trouble. haha
So I am looking forward to being able to buy all nine of my books next week and begin reading and outlining each chapter! woohoo!
All in all today was amazing too =) I am so excited!
Oh and Shane, one of the suggestions to us was to slack off on house duties, they said*and I quote* "its okay is the dishes sit in the sink for two days or so, your bed doesn't have to be made every morning... the house doesn't have to be spotless. Do whatever is needed for you to succeed" So....You cant be upset if house duties come after!
They said they have homework due almsot everyday, even on days there are no class you turn it in through the internet! hahahaha
This is gonna be the hardest thing ive never done, but I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited to finally get started!
Here are some pics off all the coolio stuff I got!

My Name Tag! Nursing Process I
I am known as an NPI hehe

looooove it

All my cool stuff.
A very spiffy lunch bag
lots of pens
a band aid dispencer
my student Planner (i bought one the first day, then they handed some out!!!)
a Nursing pin
a nail file (?) random
I think thats about it
oh and post it notes

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's a Miracle....I'm Blogging!!

So sorry its been SO long since we've blogged. Life has been amazing and crazy and blessed! =)
As most everyone knows...I GOT INTO THE RN Program, here at Northwest Florida State College. I recently received a package from them with all the things I have to do (and pay for) before the semester even begins! Because we will be working with patients even our first semester we have to have a clean bill of health, and we have to have a clean background check! (cant be an issue seeing as this will be my THIRD background check since I've lived in FL). And seeing as each cost 96 dollars, I wish they could just take info from my previous ones! lol
I have an Orientation on July 16 and 17 that will explain everything I need to know, how to register for classes, what to expect, and hopefully my schedule(somewhat). My bosses at FWBDC (fort walton beach developmental Center) are excited for me, but extremely sad to see me go, seeing as I don't really want to be working while I'm in the program. The HEAD honcho did, however, offer me the center to do my internship. I am still considering this, there are pros and cons to that, because the actual RNS do nothing there, they just sit in an office, the LPNS do all the meds and interactions, so we'll see about that.

Anyway, moving on!
As everyone else knows Shane was deployed this month, the 20th to be exact =)This is him with all the luggage, as you can see they all look.....similar? haha So he has his marked with BRIGHT green tape. You should see how creative some people get with tape on those cases.
Shane is doing really well over there right now. he says the average days hits about 120. He also says he is So glad he works and night (whens its only about 105 or so) and sleeps during the day!! =) so keep him in your prayers!! He is "scheduled" to come home the beginning of September, but we all know the military and their "schedules".

Seeing as I have no children to blog about, I will blog about my doggy!

Bella has certainly been growing! She is now about 50 pounds and isn't done growing at all. The vet says she'll be a big girl. She is an amazing puppy for being six months old. I can take her on walks and let her off her leash and she'll walk up a bit turn around and wait for me, then walk up a bit, then turn around and wait. And she hardly gets distracted. She hardly noticed birds, cats, even other dogs. The only things she loves too much to pass up are children. she ADORES little kids. =)
Since Shane has left, she has taken over his side of the bed, and i think she'll fight for it when he comes home! She has gotten into the habit of waking me up everything morning around 730 by laying down on my stomach, mind you, 50 pounds plopping down onto a sleeping stomach... not pleasant haha. but it is expected these days. The other morning I woke up because I felt something on a face. Well, turns out Bella was laying on her back arms in the air with her cheek pressed up against mine. It startled me a little and i woke Bella up. All she did was lick me cheek press against my face and go back to sleep. She is so cuddly, I love it. Makes me feel like I'm not sleeping alone! She helps me everyday Shane is gone. I love coming home to an extremely happy dog, rather than a silent house. She loves talking to Shane on Skype too, she'll lick the camera =) she does get very confused when she hears his voice but can't find him. I know she misses him, she hates being outside or locked in my bedroom for the 8 hours Im at work. I have started coming home on the 30 min breaks to feed her and say hello. We can't wait for Shane to be back!

And now I shall leave you, with the grand finale.... Bella's latest trick!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


here ya go joj!

our new home!!

So, Im sure everyone knows that... WE MOVED. it was sudden and fast and crazy but completly what God had in mind for us! About two weeks ago I was feeling very stressed and worn out. IN Church that Sunday I prayed that God would help me out with Work, School, and moving. I seriously felt him lift my stress away and say "Don't worry about it, give it to me and I'll take care of you" So thats what i did. Days later i found out i had straight A's in my classes, im getting better days of work (my weekends right now and thursday friday they will be friday Saturday soon, so I can see Shane more) and I felt at ease about paying to break our lease.
So, the day before we were moving our stuff, we were talking about how awesome it would be if God provided someone to move into our apt.
We walked into the office the next day to pay and the lady looked at us and said " are you 1507?" SOMEONE DOES WANT your Apartment! they called yesterday wanting it.
It was amazing. I started crying right then. So instead of paying 1400 dollars to break the lease we are paying about 200 for the two weeks before the guy moves in plus out 900 dollar down payment will be given back to us. It was incredible!
Anyhoo! Just thought I'd share how amazing out God is =) here are some pictures of our BEAUTIFUL house!

Our Kitchen! the cupboards are open =)

Guest Bathroom

Our huge bathroom with walk in closet and seperate toilet room

Bells loved the boxes
her corner =)

family room

Entry Way

Luandry room, leading into the garage

HUGE!! our other one was FULL with the same amount of food


more backyard


yay =) (haha bella)