Friday, April 3, 2009


here ya go joj!

our new home!!

So, Im sure everyone knows that... WE MOVED. it was sudden and fast and crazy but completly what God had in mind for us! About two weeks ago I was feeling very stressed and worn out. IN Church that Sunday I prayed that God would help me out with Work, School, and moving. I seriously felt him lift my stress away and say "Don't worry about it, give it to me and I'll take care of you" So thats what i did. Days later i found out i had straight A's in my classes, im getting better days of work (my weekends right now and thursday friday they will be friday Saturday soon, so I can see Shane more) and I felt at ease about paying to break our lease.
So, the day before we were moving our stuff, we were talking about how awesome it would be if God provided someone to move into our apt.
We walked into the office the next day to pay and the lady looked at us and said " are you 1507?" SOMEONE DOES WANT your Apartment! they called yesterday wanting it.
It was amazing. I started crying right then. So instead of paying 1400 dollars to break the lease we are paying about 200 for the two weeks before the guy moves in plus out 900 dollar down payment will be given back to us. It was incredible!
Anyhoo! Just thought I'd share how amazing out God is =) here are some pictures of our BEAUTIFUL house!

Our Kitchen! the cupboards are open =)

Guest Bathroom

Our huge bathroom with walk in closet and seperate toilet room

Bells loved the boxes
her corner =)

family room

Entry Way

Luandry room, leading into the garage

HUGE!! our other one was FULL with the same amount of food


more backyard


yay =) (haha bella)