Thursday, July 31, 2008


Dont you love when life seems to fall into place!!
Life is so hectic right now, trying to figure out my college situation, how to pay for college, Shane is desperately trying to finish up his training, we are trying to adapt to paying bills, trying to figure out another form of transportation. Life is just complicated and hectic as it should be a month after you get married!

However, don't you LOVE when in ONE day some of those things fall into place. I went to Shane's base today and talked to a college counselor (the base has tons of the local colleges classes available on base) While I was there I figured out that ALL my classes from Ventura transferred, and picked all the classes I need to take to get my AA. we even talked about how to sign up for the nursing program.

Also I randomly heard about this thing called TA (tuition assistance). Hurlburt Base JUST started it up. As far as I know they pay for practically everything for airmen's spouses!! I was so excited to hear about it! it's exactly what we needed!! I am going to a briefing about it on Tuesday to help me figure everything out about it!!

so now all we need is for Shane to finish his training!!!! =D He has been scheduled to fly four times and each time they have been cancelled either due to weather or the plane breaking. He'll show up for his flight around 1:30pm and cal me around 10:00pm saying "it's can canceled".
So keep Shane and his flights in your prayers he's so close to finishing his training, the only thing keeping him from that are the planes not working!!

Other than that, we are getting used to life out here and together and it's wonderful! =D

Monday, July 28, 2008

Wedding Pictures!!!!

Okay so they are all randomly scattered because they weren't cooperating to get in order! Enjoy ! i'll try to post some more but they are big so they're taking forever!

Father Daughter Dance
His Family
My Family
The Siblings!

Before=] After


Happy Couple

Me and You


oh Joj

Remember how hot it was??

The end

So there are just a FEW of MANY photos taken!!!
I'm hoping to send the whole CD out to Dad and He'll be able to Share it with everyone!!
Well hello everyone!
Sorry it's been a while since we've updated! I've been trying to get Shane to post something, but he says he's not capable! haha So Im here again blabbing on!

Shane is on a flight right now as I write! He is on his last "X" flight meaning pretty much a catch up flight. And tomorrow he starts the first of his last three flights! He is hoping to be done and "graduated" by the middle of next week! he has three flights this week and one next week and thats hopefully his last!
Well, what else is knew? I joined our Church choir and this coming sunday will be the first time I sing in Church with them! I'm very excited.
The choir is fun, lots of people my age but also some older folks but they are all so sweet! it's fun having young people in the choir! We're pretty good too! I wish we worked on more technique stuff like (actually following whats written in the music) but thats OK. The directors Name is brother Tim (everyone is brother and sister for some reason...its not catholic
though!!) Shane and I believe that he thinks he is the white hick version on Bernie Mac, he tends to dress like him a lot.
I talked to Tim and he said he wanted me to sing on the worship team soon and to sing some solos so I am very excited about that! I'm so excited to start singing more!

Heres some randomness!
This is what I wanted Shane to blog about! hahahaha
The other night Shane decided to dress me up in his entire Uniform! Oxygen mask included as you can see! And had me hold a shell of the 105 bullet on his plane!
Thats the biggest of the three bullets they fire.
As you can see its very large and take me word for it.. HEAVY! I love Shane uniform it reminds me of big footie pajamas!

The only other thing thats new here is im almost all done registering for college. and my college has changed names and rank! haha
In the past like year I think this college has gone from Okaloosa walton Community College, then upgraded to Okaloosa Walton College and is now Northwest Florida State College!
it's cool that I'm going to a state college, but i think it upped the cost a bit! we are hoping to Air Force is will to let me have some of Shane's College Fund! =D
We'll keep you updated!!
Here's one other picture Shane and I took that we like!!
In Tribute of the greatest Twin out there!!! =D love you joj!!! (there you go Andy!)
we miss everyone!! Come visit!!! =D

Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Home Town

I had a request that I post some pictures of the city we live in! So the other day I drove around and took some pictures! This is our lovely apartment! Ours is the Third story middle door! We love it here!
This is the inter-costal water way! I am stand in the parking lot of a restaurant. This particular day I took pictures was an extremely beautiful day! since the storms have stopped for now everyday has been looking like this! We am very much enjoying the weather!!
Driving over the intercostal water way on brooks bridge going down into okalossa island! this is where we go to the beach!
And this is our lovely beach!! Now, normally this water is so clear you can see the bottom or open your eyes under water. But lately because of all the storms we've been having all the algy from the bottom has been drug up to the surface so it has a very green look to it. Its no too pleasant to swim in either. You come out with green "boogies" all over you!This is one of my favorites!! You get a good view of our white sand and you can see the strip of DOZENS of hotels along the beach! and thats just one way!!! okaloosa Island is just covered with hotels, it's crazy!

And this is our pier! I like this picture for two reasons! 1. You can see how blue the water usually is and how green it is by the shore. 2. Our ocean looks like a lake!! =]
So there are some pictures! Hope you like them!
Shane's softball team has another game tonight! if they win the first one they do another one back to back and if they win that one, our church are the champs!! =]
We'll keep you updated!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

God Opening the Heavens!

Well, yesterday was an interesting day! It started out perfectly normal, sunny, hot, and beautiful. We sat through Church went out to lunch with some friends then headed out to the baseball field to hit some balls!
Shane plays on our churches softball team. They are in the playoffs right now and wanted some extra practice!!
Well, we were out there playing some ball for a few hours when this rolls in
it was like nothing I've ever seen before!! there was constant thunder and lightning. What is crazy is that where we were standing at that moment, it was still bright and sunny! we just stood there and watched that. The craziest thing is that the wind completely changes direction! The STRANGE thing is it blows toward the storm even though the clouds are moving toward us... I was told that the storm was sucking the wind into it! HOW CREEPY!
Once the clouds got a little closer we all looked at eachother and said... "'s really time to go!" We packed up our stuff as fast as possible and litterally ran to our cars with pouring rain chasing after us! The wind was blowing in swirls. Then what happens? we drop the bucket full of the balls!! haha we scrambled around picking them up and tossing them in the back of the car.
As soon as we closed each door.. BOOM God opened the heavens!! haha it was incredible.

When we dropped off the balls at our friends house we noticed that the wind and thrown a bunch of trash in their yard. So we jumped out and started picking it up. Thats when it really started coming down1 within less than a minuet i was completely soaked!

The weather out here in incredible. Its fun seeing something different than California.....even though I'll be wanting California soon! If that T-storm was crazy....I can't even imagine a hurricane!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our first blog experience!

Well neither of us have ever blogged before and neither of us are HUGE computer people but was are trying a BLOG! =]
They seem to be the best way for people to stay in touch with everyone!

Hi everyone!!
Life is pretty wonderful out here in Florida! So far there has been a LOT of rain and humidity.. Welcome to Florida I suppose!
I've heard that Florida is the sunshine state but also the lightning capital of the world..... how do the two mix? I'm still trying to figure that one out!
Our new apartment is pretty much all set up due to the mass amount of target gift cards we got from the wedding!
We love it here our home really truly feels like home =]

Its very nicely placed too! it's about 5 mins from the beautiful white sand beach, about 7 mins from Shane base (Hurlburt) and about 15 mins away from the college I'll be attending this fall (Okaloosa Walton College).
Shane is almost done with his training. he was held up about
two months due to being sick. first there was an ear infection, than major sinus infection, and just recently there was a scare with his right eye. He went into the eye doctor for a normal test and according to the dr. he didn't pass (20/20) In Shanes job on a plane you have to have 20/20 corrected or not. well this doctor couldn't get his right eye corrected due to a bulge she found on his cornea. which she said could possibly be an issue called keratoconus. Thats when the cornea becomes thinner and thinner making the cornea into a cone shape, destorting the vision. So he was put on dniff(not able to fly) and was sent to an eye specialist. It was a nerve racking trip but ends up he still has 20/20 without glasses and does have a small bulge on on it but the doctor said it could just simply be the shape of his eye. he said it is possible he has the begining of keratoconus but medically he can't say that yet.
So we are thrilled Shane can jump back in
to his training with no worries.
He's due back at the eye Dr. in six months to check up on his eye and see if its gotten worse. So please keep him in your prayers!!
So thats how life has been =] To sum this up here are some
pictures of our new place!!