Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Holidays he missed!

Shane, has not quiet gotten used to the normal sleep patterns just yet. it is about 8pm and hes been asleep since 7. haha Plus he wakes me up around 6 =)
Anyhoo, So I thought I share with you all (chelsie asked) our holidays!! I decided it i would let shane and I celebrate out "first" christmas and ":first" everything else, just in a bit different way than most =)
I decorated each room.(or a patch of the room) as a different Holiday =) He really enjoyed it!

and him back to normal =) No 'stache =)

Operation Homecoming.....

Hooray for Shane being home!!!
After many hours of waiting impatiently he is finally here! He flight landed around 2:56am (exactaly). We had to wait what seemed like FOREVER while they taxied around and went through customs (b/c the came straight from germany). After probably about a good half hour they before their buses started to head over to us. Me and two other wives (their first homecoming too) Didn't know to expect, so we were very nervous and excited. (not to mention exhausted)
So all the buses lined up and all the guys lined up to shake all the "Head Honchos" hands. Both of my girlfriends found their hubbys right away.
However, for me, the task was not so simple. Shane had warned me that he grew a mustache and really long hair. But it was nothing like I had pictured. For a while I got nervous because the line was getting shorter and shorter and still I saw no Sign of him! Apparently he had found me the minuet he stepped off the bus and just watched me search for him, waiting to see how long it took me to recognize him.
He got about 15 feet in front of me before I saw him. And when I saw him I jumped and hid behind my friend that came with me to take pics. i yelled "Oh my gosh! It doesn't even LOOK LIKE HIM!"
Of course from then on, I just ran up to him and literaly jumped into his arms =)
the weirdest thing was kissing him with his "stache" (I dunno how you do it Chelsie! its so weird!!!)
So that is our story haha. I was very embarresed that I couldn't even pick my hubby out of a crowd!! in my defense.....he grew his hair out longer than it has been since we started dating, he grew a mustache and lost about 20 pounds!!!! he looked extremely different!! =)
Here are some pictures and I hope you enjoy them!!!

Looks way different! like in his 30s!

So incredibly happy!!!

haha Mexican Shane....

He is right behind the guy in the dark jacket.. thats when I noticed him

That bright spek. was their plane.. haha