Saturday, August 30, 2008


My Cam Bam

This is Camry, She is my sisters little guide dog puppy in training. Well, this was her many moons ago(June 7, 2007), when she was a teeny tiny puppy. The moment I laid on on the tiny girl I fell for her! She is by far my favorite pup Joj has ever trained (no offense to the others) Camry and I had an intense connection. No one really knows why we just clicked right away. When Cam was about this age (tiny baby), I would lay on the ground and have her lay on top of me and we'd wrestle and cuddle.
well....that tradition went on even after she was full grown. if I laid on the ground no matter what, she would come lay on me. and nuzzle her head on my chest and neck. Most of the time we would wrestle around :)

Well, now my sweet sweet girl is going to be a Mama!!1 Joj and cam just heard the news last week! I about cried when she told me cuz this means I get to see her again when I come home!!!!!!

I am so proud of Cam Bam to the Bam cam and I can't help but smile when I think about her! I miss Camry so much, and I've heard that she misses me too!!! and I've heard that other people try to get her to lay on them, but she won't :D that makes me happy for some reason! :)

Camry, my hats off to you! Congrats on being such an amazing pooch and good luck on the puppies!!!! You are gonna make an incredible mama!!
I love you Cam and I miss you!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

What a storm

We spent a very relaxing Sunday afternoon at the beach =)

Here we Go again...

This video is actually from last night (sat.)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Weather Girl Ali making fun!!!! Actually you can laugh all you want, we did!!!!! hahaha
enjoy We will keep you updated!!!

My insanely genius husband showed you the wrong side of the sky. He went West and the storm is to the east.... so thats why it looks to loverly up in the sky.. haha
Oh and another thing,....I sincerly apologize for his belch in the middle of the video....

My College!

here are some pictures of my college and the drive there! Its about the distance from Camarillo to Ventura but WAY prettier!!!! i love it =>

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Military Wife

This is something I just found and I loved it :)

How to identify a Military Girlfriend/Fiance/Wife.....

1. We own at least one article of clothing that says our man's Military Branch on it and wear it at least once a week
2. Our AOL/ Yahoo/Myspace/Xanga ect. profiles have something to do with military or have song lyrics in them
3. We know what the terms Head, Rack, Field Day and PT mean and have no trouble using them on a daily basis
4. We know the difference between a Recruit, Enlisted, Officer and know the rank structure like the back of our hand
5. We feel every note of the songs "I'm Already There", "When I'm Gone", "Here Without You", "Proud to be an American" and "The National Anthem" (it is usually one of these songs whose lyrics can be found in our profile, LOL!!!)
6. We watch the news and cry hysterically for fallen Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Sailors and no one seems to understand why
7. We just cry.... and cry.... and cry... and cry for no reason at all and we are fine with that!! (It's normal isn't it?)
8. We have at least one (but probably more) family member or friend that doesn't approve or understand our long distance relationship
9. At the ages 17, 18, 19, 20, 21; we have no problem saying YES to a marriage proposal
10. Every time there's a bulletin on Myspace having to do with military they forward it on
11. They smile when they see a soldier in public dressed in his uniform
12. They get a little teary eyed when the Star Spangled Banner is sung at sporting events and watching the flag blow in the wind
and the 13th way to identify a US Military girlfriend, fiance' or wife....
13. They will post this on their myspace or somewhere for everyone to see

Most of it is sooo true!! :) I love my Airman


HIP HIP HOORAY!!! Shane finally did it!!! He is officially done with Training!!! Last night as most of you know from my text message, Shane went on his check flight last night. It's pretty much a normal flight but someone follows him around checking him off on all the different things necessary. After being in the air for about 6 or more hours they were done!! The guy looked at him and said good job.
The guy checking him *the big dog* looked at him, the 4th (the squadron hes going to) is looking forward to having him and that Shane will be a great asset to the squadron. Saying that made Shane just like light up inside. He said thats one of the best
things he could have said to Shane. Needless to say Shane was extremely excited!
So to prove to others hes out of the 19th (the training squadron) he gets a new patch on his flight suit.

There is it! haha On his shoulder that is the ghostrider 4th SOS patch!! here is a closer look at it =D He is so proud of that little thing. he says the best thing about it is, When his commander told him he had passed and was a part of the 4th now he took his own patch of his shoulder and slapped it on Shane's shoulder. Shane said it was a pretty cool gesture.
We are still trying to figure out why the ghost is so fat. Shane says that just shows off the Air force. hahaha

We are SOOO excited that he's finally out of training!! Its normally about 2 months after the check until they get deployed. So we are expecting that. but lucky me his deployments are only 2-3 months so HOPEFULLY he will be home in time for Matt and Kayties wedding, but it'll be pushing it!
As for other news. I start school tomorrow! I am very excited to get out of the house! and to start back on track to Nursing! we are still working on the financial aid stuff. But we are doing just fine!
As for my job interview.. *sorry I left you hanging* It was quite the disappointment! I got there and the manager asked me if I had ever bar tended. I said "no I'm too young". he then went on to say he didn't know what he needed and would call me in the future. I thought it was pretty strange how he handled the interview and that he even needed an interview to tell me what he did. So I am still on the search for a job! This is the worst time to look for a job because everyone is full from hiring on summer help. So we'll see where i end up!
No other news so far. Tropical Storm Fay looks like it won't end up over us. but its very unpredictable. They are guessing that it will die off by Friday/Saturday because it'll have been over land too long. So we are praying thats what happens. As for the weather here.. it's beautiful! the storms has swept away our clouds and its bright and sunny and beautiful! But we will for sure keep you updated on the storm!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The wonderful thing about blogs

Joj Was getting upset that we haven't updated in so long. I told her there just wasn't too much going on right now! She said "that's the wonder thing about blogs, you can write about anything!"

So I'm here to ramble.
First I actually do have some news! I have a job interview tomorrow
!! woohoo! It's at a restaurant called Longhorns Steak House, it seems to be a lot like Wood Ranch so I'm pretty excited! I've talked to the GM and he seems pretty nice and I'm very excited to sit down with him tomorrow! I'm praying they'll take me on as a server, I really don't want to start from the bottom again! :)
Anyway, School starts next thursday! I'm actually really excited about that! I love school. The hardest class I'm taking is Microbiology (so Molly be prepared for some phone calls ;) ) I've heard the teacher I have isn't very hard, so thats good.

Shane has gotten in two of the four flights he needs. he had a flight last night but it got canceled (whats new) So he's got one more flight and then his final flight! We are praying he gets them done soon so he can get deployed and be back in time for Matt and Kayties wedding!!
Hummmm What else. I guess I'll just tell a funny story that happened a few Sundays ago. First a picture =D
The other two peoples in there are Justin and Joann, Justin and Shane became friends like the moment Shane started attended our Church. he's an awesome guy, and Joann is his new girlfriend, We hit it off great. The funny story is..... The first time I went to Choir practice, I walked in with Justin and he introduced me to the director. I guess when I walked away the Director started asking Justin all sorts a questions about me and he was just like. "I'm not sure.. I don't know" So about half way through practice we began learning a song called "you are my world" And the Director looks at me and says "Ali, is Justin your world?" and I was jsut like "Excuse Me? I'm married, to the guy sitting down there! I didn't know I could have a boyfriend too!!" Everyone started cracking up, and the director turned bright red. it was hillarious. And now that Justin and I sing in the choir Shane and Joann always sit in the pews waiting for us, so its like out big joke that we switch on and off. I swear the Church gets so confused. =D So we thought that picture was funny because I'm next to Justin and Joann is next to Shane. They even played a Church slide show and showed it =D we all laughed really hard.
There you go Joj, randomness that probably no one will find funny =D hehe

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Newest member of the family.....

Scare you?? haha not a baby!!!!!

Shane and I need another form of transportation and we've decided to a smaller more gas mileage efficient type of transportation......A motorcycle. We have been thinking about it and praying about it for a long time. Asking God if we should buy a car or a motorcycle, pretty much asking him how we can both get from point A to point B at the same time going separate directions. It came down to a bike. We cant afford a car right now and we both feel very at ease with buying a bike!
We've done a lot of looking around and today we got approved for our loan which was nerve raking but exciting at the same time!
As we walked out the door to go lookin at the bike we liked we decided to take one more trip to some other stores JUST to see if anything else came in =D needless to say that just caused trouble!! (way more expensive)
so we ended up back at our original location to check out the bike we had chosen in the first place.. Annnnnnnnnnnnd it was GONE!!! But we talked to the guys there and they told us there was another one in the back only difference was color.. its gone from black to dark blue =D
(I for one am lovin the dark blue color)
We didn't buy it today but we are going back tomorrow to get it! here is a picture of our baby! =D

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Who thought that I'd be falling more in love with him more and more even after being married. But I swear I wake up everyday and feel like I love him more.. it's an amazing feeling!! =D