Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moving Prayers!

So, the tenant in the house we are renting is moving out tomorrow! meaning we can move in by this coming week, most likely. Our landlord wants to check out the house make sure its all "spit spot" as she says (shes english). And she is putting in a brand new stove which is extremely exciting.
We have our apartment on open lease meaning anyone can move in any time. But if no one wants it by this coming week, we are moving anyway. It'll cost a bit, but we feel God is telling us its time to move. So we figured we'd listen =) Plus now we can get Bella permanently!! shes actually in town with us right now, just spending the night at our friends house. But we spent all evening with her, and will be with her all day tomorrow =) She is still amazing. Weighs about 25 pounds now! shes gettin big!! Prolly nothing compared to Layla!!! (btw.. where are all the pics of her!?!? shes a part of the family too! hehe)
Shane is at work right now, everyone at his squadron has to take turns working MCC (boring desk job) and hes gotten the night shift two nights in a row. Its boring, but its work =)

Spring Break started today for me. and......the weather is horrible. Severe weather warnings, flash floods, tornado watches... its crazy. kinda freaky! It rained soooooo hard today it was hard to believe we didnt wash away!

So! Please keep us in your payers while we move!
ALSO! we will have an extra bedroom soo.....Visitors this summer?? =D

Saturday, March 7, 2009

This is For Jackson =)

Ready for some updates!?

Hey everyone!
I know its been a while. so lets catch up! Bella is doing amazing, she is living with her doggy mommy and Daddy but LOVE me and Shane. She knows we are her owners. Yesterday, I picked her up for a play date, when I walked into the back yard i was surrounded by puppies but none were her so I called her name and she came SPRINTING from around the corner. She is an amazing dog!

In case anyone didn't know.....WE ARE MOVING!!!! We are moving into a two bedroom two bathroom house. Its still in Fort Walton Beach just a few miles away from where we live now. We are moving at the beginning on April, which is very exciting! I dont have any pictures of the house because there is still a lady living there, so we thought we'd wait =) but it is an adorable house!!

ALSO....Gibson is living with us for a while too. He needed to get away from California for a while. and we agreed he could stay with us for now. It's fun having him here!

What else is new here... OH! we bought a Wii! it's amazing =) and is a good workout! first day we played I was So sore!!
okay last thing before I post some pictures.... I find out NEXT MONTH if I made it into the RN program. so keep that in your prayers. Im very nervous about it =)

Bella and her BFF Maximus

After 3 washes with shampoo and baking soda...soaking my hair in olive oil...and 3 washes with dish soap....the grease came out... ha ha

Friday, March 6, 2009

this is for you JOJ! I'll update a LOT more later!!!
Bella is now 10 weeks and weighs already 18.5 pounds!!!!!
here is her AMAZING good behaviors =)