Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sorry its been so long!

well... Ive got lots to say so lets start with the oldest that ive been saying i'll post... PICTURES! we redid our house and it looks SOOO much better

So theres our house.....
Heres my tattoo :)

I think thats all the pictures I got for ya :)
NOW some chit chat :)
The nerves are starting to set in for both shane and me! Shane is now realizing how soon he leaves and is nervous because he is like the only "new kid" on his flight crew. I know he'll be awesome, hes just got the butterflies :) He found out that he will be stationed in iraq. Don't know the address yet or how we'll be able to stay in contact with him, but I will for sure give everyone that info.
As for my nerves....ive had TONS of school this week and next week. I had a huge take home history test (hardest ive ever had) due yesterday, i had a micro test today, and two papers due next week. and NOW another thing has been added on.... BUT we gotta start from the begining for this one :)
SO we we all know i need a job and have had NOOOOOO luck. well I've figured it out. Last semester I took my CNA exam and failed by one point and I was COMPLETELY bummed out and kinda gave up on it. Well, the other day Shane and I went into the hospital to look for random jobs and they said they really need CNAs SO I applied for my test out here! I did that last week and still haven't heard from them, however, I caleld them yesterday and they said.. "oh yeah your test is OCT. 8th" haha wow.. SOO i am excited but totally nervous. It seems God is making me suck up my previous "failure" and keep going! I am very excited to start working in a hospital :)
anyhooooo.. Life out here is amazing, the weather is kinda starting to cool down and I can't wait for winter!! Its not humid anymore which is awesome :)
WELL THEN. i will keep ya posted on how everything turns out!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

life in the Military

So as most of you have heard, I'm sure. Shanes deployment date was majorly moved up! Instead of leaving February he now leaves next month! I believe the actual date is October 28, but i'm not certain. It's a total bummer, he won't be able to come out for Christmas or Matty's wedding which he was really looking forward to. :( It's even worse because he is supposed to be back January 5th!! two days after the wedding!!! so close!! But there's nothing we can do, thats the life of the military! You never know when it can change! :)
So keep him in your prayers, hes pretty nervous! Hes only been out of school for a month and they usually give them a few months to get used to it and to in process and out process. But Shane did that very quickly. His commander even recognized how fast he works and said he was looking forward to having him. So again, prayers are good :) And for me too, I have friends and a Church family that I know will take good care of me, but still....
On another thought. I am STILL searching for a job! I have found nowhere to hire me!! I'm applying everywhere! From restaurants to hotel front desk jobs! I've even gone to the mall and applied all around the shops! I have not heard back from a single one! I really wanna get a job before Shane leaves to keep me busy! So keep that in your prayers too!!
For some GOOD news! I went to the RN counselor and found out Im taking WAY to many classes! haha another lady put me on track for my AA emphasizing nursing, where all i really need to right is my AS RN :) So instead of having a fulll semester in spring and doing summer classes. I only have 3 classes left :) AND if I keep my GPA up I have ALL 100 points to get into the program! The college does the nuring program by a point system and they take 54 students so lets pray there aren't wayyy over 54 students with 100 points or else it jsut goes to a lotery!
I'm very excited! if everything goes well, this time next year I'll be in the Nursing program!!
Well, I'm off to microbiology now! (I just had a test and I got a B! woohoo, its way easier than A and P so I know I can get better :))

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sorry this has taken so long!!!!
here are some pictures of the storm! I don't think the pictures do the waves justice but oh well!!
The storm really wasn't bad at all, just a lot of wind and rain for us!

As you can see the waves started breaking a LONG way back and just kept going. it was really cool, and REEAALLY windy, allmost knocked me over once!
This is where we normally play volley ball.. oops hehe the water actually at one point went all teh way up to the reastruant that are just out of this picture.

I wanted to walk on the pier but i didn't have cash with me :( At some points the water would crash and splash up onto the pier
So those didn't do much justice... I'll try a video

Monday, September 1, 2008


I know some of you are worried, but don't be!!
All we are getting is rain and wind so far. Shane left yesterday morning around 4am. All the planes flew to Jacksonville FL. He has so clue when he'll come home, but they told him possibly tomorrow sometime. It just depends on the weather.
As for me, I'm here at home! Waitin out the rain. I wanna go to the beach simply to see the water. I heard the whole beach was closed cuz the water was up 3 feet more than it usually is. I wanna see SOO bad! :) Shane says I can't though! hehe
Im trying to get on my school website to see if its open tomorrow, but i can't get there for some reason, so I'll have to trying!
Thats about it for now! I'll try and get some good videos of the wind and rain!