Friday, July 17, 2009

Nursing Orientation!

Im gonna blog a bit about how my Orientation went! Its mainly to catch Shane up to date and give him a heads up as to what he'll be coming home to, and to anyone else interested!! =)

Today was the last day, it went really well! We learned a LOT more critical and useful information today than we did yesterday. A lady spoke about learning styles, I am (ive known this) a Visual-Haptic learner, I do well by seeing things and hands on, I have a short attention span, and when I sit for long period of times I move(shaking my legs or foot). They gave us lots of tips on to each style should study and test, it was very interesting!
Then, (my favorite part of the day) Nursing students who are half way done with the program came and talked to us. It was very encouraging, and also unerving! They said it's been extremely hard, but amazing.
After that, we got to talk to one of our soon-to-be intrusctors........that was scary...
she gave us stuff to study and said be ready for a quiz the first day! Its just changing Oz to mL and stuff, but still! They have eqivilants and conversions Ive never seen before! So I'll have to start looking at those!! And then she told us our schedule.........
her words were, "You can buy the books next week and begin reading...if you'd like, its up to you. the first day of class we will begin unit 1 it wil take us two days to go over unit one so be prepared for it, Unit one is Chapter 1-5, and 15, 16, then the second week we will do Unit two 6-14, and 32... then we will have our first exam on Sept 9"
EVERYONE went SILENT! The semester starts August 24th and we are having an exam over 22 chapters two weeks into the semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We were all like... If we don't read before the semester begins we are in trouble. haha
So I am looking forward to being able to buy all nine of my books next week and begin reading and outlining each chapter! woohoo!
All in all today was amazing too =) I am so excited!
Oh and Shane, one of the suggestions to us was to slack off on house duties, they said*and I quote* "its okay is the dishes sit in the sink for two days or so, your bed doesn't have to be made every morning... the house doesn't have to be spotless. Do whatever is needed for you to succeed" So....You cant be upset if house duties come after!
They said they have homework due almsot everyday, even on days there are no class you turn it in through the internet! hahahaha
This is gonna be the hardest thing ive never done, but I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited to finally get started!
Here are some pics off all the coolio stuff I got!

My Name Tag! Nursing Process I
I am known as an NPI hehe

looooove it

All my cool stuff.
A very spiffy lunch bag
lots of pens
a band aid dispencer
my student Planner (i bought one the first day, then they handed some out!!!)
a Nursing pin
a nail file (?) random
I think thats about it
oh and post it notes

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th