Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's a Miracle....I'm Blogging!!

So sorry its been SO long since we've blogged. Life has been amazing and crazy and blessed! =)
As most everyone knows...I GOT INTO THE RN Program, here at Northwest Florida State College. I recently received a package from them with all the things I have to do (and pay for) before the semester even begins! Because we will be working with patients even our first semester we have to have a clean bill of health, and we have to have a clean background check! (cant be an issue seeing as this will be my THIRD background check since I've lived in FL). And seeing as each cost 96 dollars, I wish they could just take info from my previous ones! lol
I have an Orientation on July 16 and 17 that will explain everything I need to know, how to register for classes, what to expect, and hopefully my schedule(somewhat). My bosses at FWBDC (fort walton beach developmental Center) are excited for me, but extremely sad to see me go, seeing as I don't really want to be working while I'm in the program. The HEAD honcho did, however, offer me the center to do my internship. I am still considering this, there are pros and cons to that, because the actual RNS do nothing there, they just sit in an office, the LPNS do all the meds and interactions, so we'll see about that.

Anyway, moving on!
As everyone else knows Shane was deployed this month, the 20th to be exact =)This is him with all the luggage, as you can see they all look.....similar? haha So he has his marked with BRIGHT green tape. You should see how creative some people get with tape on those cases.
Shane is doing really well over there right now. he says the average days hits about 120. He also says he is So glad he works and night (whens its only about 105 or so) and sleeps during the day!! =) so keep him in your prayers!! He is "scheduled" to come home the beginning of September, but we all know the military and their "schedules".

Seeing as I have no children to blog about, I will blog about my doggy!

Bella has certainly been growing! She is now about 50 pounds and isn't done growing at all. The vet says she'll be a big girl. She is an amazing puppy for being six months old. I can take her on walks and let her off her leash and she'll walk up a bit turn around and wait for me, then walk up a bit, then turn around and wait. And she hardly gets distracted. She hardly noticed birds, cats, even other dogs. The only things she loves too much to pass up are children. she ADORES little kids. =)
Since Shane has left, she has taken over his side of the bed, and i think she'll fight for it when he comes home! She has gotten into the habit of waking me up everything morning around 730 by laying down on my stomach, mind you, 50 pounds plopping down onto a sleeping stomach... not pleasant haha. but it is expected these days. The other morning I woke up because I felt something on a face. Well, turns out Bella was laying on her back arms in the air with her cheek pressed up against mine. It startled me a little and i woke Bella up. All she did was lick me cheek press against my face and go back to sleep. She is so cuddly, I love it. Makes me feel like I'm not sleeping alone! She helps me everyday Shane is gone. I love coming home to an extremely happy dog, rather than a silent house. She loves talking to Shane on Skype too, she'll lick the camera =) she does get very confused when she hears his voice but can't find him. I know she misses him, she hates being outside or locked in my bedroom for the 8 hours Im at work. I have started coming home on the 30 min breaks to feed her and say hello. We can't wait for Shane to be back!

And now I shall leave you, with the grand finale.... Bella's latest trick!!