Thursday, December 31, 2009

Where to Start?

It has been so long since I've blogged, I don't even know where to begin!

Well, as you all know I finished my first semester of the Nursing Program! It was intense but so amazing! I can't imagine doing anything else! A lot of what I learned this semester (bed changes, bathing, etc) I already knew (which was nice!) from doing my CNA (certified Nursing asst) classes and working as one. But I did learn to give all types of shots, and all types of medication! That was so amazing! as horrible as it sounds, it was So fun sticking people with needles!!! =D

As For Shane, he has been preping for his deployment (he left monday the 28th) And started taking some college classes! He is off to Afghanistan this time and should be back RIGHT before Joanna and Jake's wedding! It is supposed to be an 80 day deployment, which would bring him back on the 18th!!! So we are hoping it is shorter than that or he may not be able to come!

Thanks Giving was AMAZING! Shane and I invited out friends Brooke and Em ( brooke is in school with me, she is amazing. Her and her husband have been together since they were 15 and they got married when she was 17, they are a lot like Shane and me, and we love them!!) over and between us two ladies we had a FEAST! Shane and I had out next door neighbors deep fry our turkey... yummmmmmmmmmm... it was incredible! Brooke and I traded off who made what! it was so yummy!

Right after Thanksgiving, Shane and I went to the Saints Vs. Patriots game! we won tickets at a pizza place down here by finding the cherries in a whip cream pie. we won by FAR! We both found all the cherries in each of our pies before one of the couples even found half! =) we weren't afraid to get our faces dirty =) it was so much fun and a time we won't forget, even if the people next to us brought binoculars in order to see!!! hehe

I was for the Patriots, Shane was for the St's.... Makes it more fun that way =)
...he won...

Christmas for us was relaxing! (Besides me being sick over my entire Christmas break!) We Opened our stockings before breakfast then our presents after =) We both recieved awesome gifts! I got a new camera (I broke mine around 2 months ago!! =( ) his big present was a Play Station 3! He actually got that in November, because it made no sense to buy it for him 3 days before he deployed! as for our christmas dinner we went over to some of his friends house who didn't have any family to spend Christmas with. It was a great Christmas! Im so glad Shane got to be here this year!!

So that about catches us up! Life is busy but amazing. Now Shane is deployed but I am SO greatful that he was able to be home for so many holidays!!! His birthday is Jan 20th, so if anyone wants to send him a card let me know! I have his address!!! =) He would love some!

I am about to start up my second semester of Nursing school! I've heard rumors that the second semester is the hardest of them all! This time we will be learning how to do catheters, IV's, sterile wound care, etc etc.. all the tough important things!!! I am So excited but nervous too!!

I will do my best to keep everyone updated better! Hope to see you all soon!

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NanaCat said...

Great catch up Ali. Love your pictures and hearing all about everything that's going on. Still jealous about that Saints game!!